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The Northwood Idea Project

Is the Northwood Idea relevant today? By now you all have read and formulated an opinion upon the relevance of the Northwood idea. Some of you may agree totally, while others may completely disagree. At the core of the Northwood Idea is the notion of developing the character of the student and learning how to serve others (Watts, 2014). As students, our character is developed by subscribing to the Judeo-Christian ethic by means of following the golden rule, emphasizing work and thrift, and understanding the importance of business.
This country was founded on the idea of a Judeo-Christian ethic because our founding Father’s heritage was influenced greatly upon this ideology. This school of thought
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In India 72% South Korea 78%, and in Vietnam it was a staggering 95%. What I find interesting is that the average Chinese citizen believes in a free market economy. I find that interesting because of the countries deep ties to socialism and communism. Maybe you could say that those surveyed were simply uneducated to the issue or you could say that they are not happy in the system that they are currently living in. Where did Americans fall? 70% believed that the free market is the preferred method. I know statistics can be skewed anyway you want, but I believe that this is a realistic statistic. We always hear that America is the land of opportunity so the perception of the free market, at least on the surface, is a positive one.
Having said all that is the Northwood Idea relevant today? Yes, in the sense that our founding fathers set forth the path that is still in practice today. America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian ideas that sprang forward our current way of doing business. However, the only way that the Northwood Idea will remain relevant is if Americans will agree to use all three in harmony. Unfortunately, humans are imperfect and if you only looked at the free market and decided to discount the golden rule and/or work and thrift you will surely develop a lopsided skew of the true definitions of the free market. By utilizing and understanding how Judeo-Christian Ethics, Work and thrift, and
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