Norway : A Country That Occupies The North Region Of Europe

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Norway, also referred to as Norge, is a country that occupies the north region of Europe. Norway occupies most of the western half of the scandinavian peninsula and is mostly made up of mountains. About half or more of Norway’s population live in the southern region. Norway is made up of an indented cost and around fifty thousand islands located off shore; these islands were carved by deep glacial fjords. The population of Norway is around five million, one hundred and thirty nine thousand (Joys). Norway is most known, or famous, for the Fjords, which are long, narrow, deep inlets of the sea between high cliffs, as in Norway and Iceland, typically formed by the submergence of a glaciated valley (dictionary). I choose this country because…show more content…
Although supply is expected to grow, the demand has dropped from nine percent to about one percent and is expected to grow again to roughly three and a half percent for the entire globe. One country that also helps the supply growth for Norway is Chile; however, Norway expects a decline from the Chilean Atlantic salmon market in 2015. This is especially hard for Norway because the demand for Atlantic salmon is increasing in Europe. Just last year in 2014, European Fish markets purchased more than twelve percent from Norway than they did in the previous year, 2013.
Economic freedom measures how the economy is in a country. High economic freedom means that there is lower poverty levels and lower unemployment rates, along with higher income and a better and cleaner quality of life (Econfreedom). Norway, a constitutional monarchy, has a 71.8 economic freedom score, which makes Norway the twenty-seventh freest country in the whole world. In a recent survey, Norway was rated fifth in Anti-Global watchdog Transparency International. The Norway government was rated as very clean meaning that there is little to no government corruption in the survey and a statement was made, "We are a little behind the other Scandinavian countries," by Tor Dølvik, special advisor to Transparency International in Norway. Dølvik went on to say, "We have had some
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