Norway And The Origin Of Norway

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Norway or officially known as kingdom of Norway, is a country that is located in the northwestern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. The country shares a border with Sweden on the east side, Finland and Russia on the northeast, Skagerrak strait on the south and Denmark on the opposing side. North of Norway is comprised of mostly coastline, which faces the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Barents Sea. (Norway Facts) The population of Norway is estimated to be around 4.9-5 million people. The culture is comprised of original natives which a called the Sami, As well as many other ethnicities from American, swedes, Danes, Britons, Iranians, and former Yugoslavs. (Norway facts) The official language of Norway is bokmai and Nynorsk, not one but two most widely used languages. Both are recognized as official languages. Currently the official religion of Norway is Christianity more explicitly evangelical Lutheran faith. (Norway facts) Even though Christianity is the official religion, Norway has implemented religious freedom; furthermore other religions have begun expanding into Norway as well.
The economy of Norway is based on many things most notably oil and natural gas production due to the discovery of abundance of the two resources in Ekofisk field in 1969. (Economy) due to the fact of having such a large coast line Fish is one of their main exports. Norway has valuated that Tourism of their surreal environments and midnight sun brings in notable
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