Norway Treats Its Citizens Better Than The U.s. America

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Thesis: Norway treats its citizens better than the U.S.
America, a compilation of 50 states expanding about 2,680 miles from East to West. Moving far to the East we can meet the big apple, the American dream, New York. Its gray stone buildings towering high above all underfoot, its inner streets lined with large screens as colorful images belonging to several different adds dash across them, some bright neon swirls wriggling across the screen as an invitation to try these new brightly colored hard candies, others of lanky, fair skinned women dressed in the newest fashions while striking a pose. Moving to the coast, in New York 's harbor, stands the mighty green giant, Lady Liberty, holding her torch high in the air as if to
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If the communities of our people were so strong why would there be mass shootings and hate crimes? If the government truly cared then why are so many people going without proper healthcare or without homes or jobs? If America is truly great and free, then why are so many people within it, so very unhappy?

Traveling across the sea, far to the North east, one could be introduced to the vast snow tipped mountains and pristine blue lakes of Norway. A country famous for its beautiful forests, mountain ski slopes, fjords, its friendly and accepting people, and beer. Here, in this, close to nature mountainous country we find a peaceful alternative to America’s bustling politics and war time issues. Despite their chilly and snow encrusted habitat, the people of Norway are amongst the friendliest, warmest people on Earth. Not only that but, their happy, truly happy, with their homes, their jobs, their communities, and their government. So the question is, why? Why is a country ruled under a matriarch, compared to America’s superior democracy, flourishing so vividly while the citizens of America are groaning and moaning about all the different inconveniences that their government has provided? There are many factors that could contribute to this, such as the ‘suck it up and get on with it’ Norwegian mentality, but to be truthful, Norway just treats its citizens better than the U.S.A. Now most Americans would instantly
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