Norway and Its Climate Changes

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Climate change is a major global issue and is a pressing issue in Norway as well. The country has ratified the Kyoto Protocol and signed on to other treaties regarding the state of the earth. Similar to its history, current climate changes may have adverse effects on the culture and economy of Norway. Two significant climate change issues in Norway are carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions and the warming of the Arctic Ocean; both have important impacts on both Norway and the world.

Climate change is not a new phenomenon for Norwegians. Some historians believe that slightly over two thousand years ago the climate in Norway drastically changed from tropical conditions to frigid conditions, slightly more extreme than there is today (Larsen
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Some animals that will be affected include reindeer, certain birds, and fox. Aquatic animals will also be affected by the decline in sea ice and the warming water temperatures. Certain fish will not be able to tolerate the increased temperature and their population will decrease, which could be detrimental on the Norwegian fishing industry. A third significant impact the decrease in sea ice in the Arctic will have on Norway is increasing marine access to oil, gas and other mineral sources (ACIA 114). As a student of how weather and climate affect society and climate change, it would seem that an increase in access to oil and mineral sources could have a detrimental effect on any progress in reducing carbon emissions. If Norway is able to increase its oil production, then there would be an increase in carbon emissions as well, which is something that the country has been trying to reduce for over a decade.

The decrease in sea ice and the retreat of glaciers has occurred in Norway before. At the end of the Ice Age, over 10,000 years ago, “hunters and gatherers followed the glaciers as they retreated north, pursuing migratory reindeer herds,” which is similar to what scientists predict the reindeer will do again in the near future (Lonely Planet). There is a difference between the warming of the climate ten millennia ago and the warming of the climate today: today scientists have reason to
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