Nosedive Analysis

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Series three of the Netflix Original, episode one ‘Nosedive’, by Charlie Booker, follows a protagonist Lacie on her journey to fame and social class success. The episode is heavily noted for the reason it portrays this generation's society and the direction it is heading. The episode outlines the fact that people are living in the now of social media and disconnecting from the reality of true relationships and success. Regression notions and rhetorical devices are thrown throughout the episode to make emphasis on the thesis of the episode, "A satire on acceptance and the image of us we like to portray and project to others’’, stated by Booker. Booker's thesis is very appealing and precise to the fact that as society advanced you see more people…show more content…
As a society we are creating tools to easily communicate with others, yet we are actually losing communication skills and real relationships with people. People are dating over text but are too afraid to come face to face, public speaking is rated the number one fear amongst people worldwide but we are comfortable posting online. Social media was created to have easy connection with people but has become a verbal battle ground. News media was created to inform people but has become a way for a group of people to give their bias views and influence the viewers to think the same. ‘Nose Dive’ represents this, originality is a thing of the past. Social media can be a positive tool but it is how you use it that makes the difference. I agree with every reason Charlie Booker made this episode because I see it every day. Technology is exciting and advancing a rapid rate, but we can't lose sight of what is important in life. ‘Nose Dive’ does an exceptional job of grabbing people's attention to the fact that we seek approval from others before ourselves. Booker shows us that social media is corrupting and important at the same time because that is what society has moved towards. The episode gives us a platform to reflect on ourselves and how we view the world. It makes us understand it is okay to be ourselves, everyone is different. Don't let society suck you into a world you don't want to be a part of because in the end it's our actual family and friends that matter not the status you posted 40 years
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