Nosocomial Infections in Hospitals: A Critical Analysis of a Quantitative Study

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Decades of studies have demonstrated that such infections are both common and significant, and have been so since such studies began examining the problem (Irwin & Rippe, 2008). Some efforts to address these problems have shown varying degrees of success, however resource limitations and non-controllable issues make it all but impossible to effectively eliminate these infections (Sinkowitz-Cochran & Jarvis, 2001; Irwin & Rippe, 2008). The following analysis examines one recent quantitative article regarding screening procedures for nosocomial infections and the effect this has on rates and severity of infections in the hospital studied by researchers. Harbarth et al (2008) examined a large cohort of more than twenty thousand surgical patients over an almost two-year period in one hospital in Switzerland in an experimental quantitative analysis. The goal of the researcher was to determine if a specific screening procedure shortly after admission would assist in the prevention of nosocomial infections in other patients, thereby reducing overall incidence of infection in the hospital (Harbart et…
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