Nostalgi A Portrayal Of The Past

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Nostalgia: A Portrayal of the Past In the films Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke, by director Hayao Miyazaki, there are many references to times that took place before the events that occur in the stories. Certain historical events can be seen to have affected the way in which Miyazaki handles events of the past concerning nostalgia. The way in which he presents technological concepts can represent his feelings towards history and how it should impact the present. These views on nostalgia often contrast with the way in which American animation typically views the events of the past. Castle in the Sky presents the idea of an ancient civilization with a secret power that is only accessible to the heir to Laputa. Hundreds of years have passed since the ancient technology has last been accessed, and only legends of the place called Laputa still remain. Associated with these legends are tales of a great destructive weapon that was once fought over to the extent that it needed to be hidden away. The main character, Sheeta, held the only key to rediscovering the ancient power. Concerning the technology that is used post the age of Laputa, there seems to be a retro-evolutionary trend. Instead of the technology trending towards a higher level of advancement, it regresses to a more rustic form. This is evident in the flying machines, automobiles, and railroads that are used, which are mechanically similar to pre-world war II designs. Alternatively, the technology that is
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