Nostalgia In The Cabiiwala, By Rabindranath Tagore

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K.R. Iyengar, comments on the story:
“The child sees the Cabuliwallah with the eyes of trust and affection, and so the ‘beast’ becomes ‘Beauty’ and the stranger becomes the Friend. In due course, the child Mini–‘who is incapable of wasting a minute in silence’–becomes a bashful girl, and with a few deft touches Tagore suggests the miracle of the bud’s unfoldment as the full-blown flower”. (‘Rabindranath Tagore-A Critical Introduction’ ,P- 72) Tagore uses the term-‘Nostalgia’ for distancing the past by the protagonist (Kabuliwala).Through Mini Tagore opens before the readers the innocent world of children. She is very beautiful, energetic and talkative. Tagore contrasts the innocence and playfulness of Mini with the seriousness of her father and the extreme loving-nature of Kabuliwala who sees the reflection of his own daughter in Mini. Mini baffles her father by asking him “Father, what relation is mother to you?” Mini could make her noble, educated, high-ranking father think that the illiterate, criminal Kabuliwala is also a
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Her spirit is restless even after her death. The sprit says that her skeleton is hanging in a classroom, and the teacher is teaching the basics of human anatomy to his students. The spirit narrates to a young student her sorrowful story. She tells him that her husband died just two months after their marriage when she was only 16. She returned to her parental home. There she got infatuated with Shekhar, her brother’s doctor friend. But Shekhar was engaged somewhere else. He was about to go for his marriage. On the fixed day, his marriage was to be celebrated late at night. Before starting, the doctor and her brother were having a glass of wine together on the terrace as was their daily habit. Meanwhile, she had gone down to the dispensary and got a little powder that she had dropped unobserved into the doctor`s
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