Nostalgia Therapy

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Investigating the Relational Effects of Nostalgia Therapy on Frontal Lobe Damage Patients and their Family Members

Strohminger & Nichols’ “Neurodegeneration and Identity” article described the impact mental deterioration had on not only patients but their close family members. Within in it, the authors presented readers with the interesting attempt of investigating whether or not one identity is tied to one’s memories. Their comprehensive study revealed findings supporting the notion that when it comes to patients who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases like frontal lobe damage (FLD), the perceived loss of identity by family members was actually related to the deterioration the patients’ morals. Reports from family members indicated that the patient’s breakage of social codes was experienced as more distressing when compared to their loss of memories and personality change, and thus proved more diagnostic of character when statically factored.
By receiving this new found information, it is not difficult to begin to feel empathetic toward the patients and their family members considering the challenges they experience. With the frontal lobe being in charge of reasoning and decision-making, understanding the link between its deterioration and a patient’s decline of moral identity may be hard for family members to come to terms with. This is why it is important to investigate various ways to help preserve the perception of a FLD patient’s moral
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