Nostalgic Memories: Personal Experiences, By Mark Joseph Stern

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Nostalgic Memories Music is a wonderful creation by man. It has given us the strength to surpass the best moments and the worst moments in life. In the article, “Why do we love the music we heard as teenagers?” by Mark Joseph Stern, reminds us that music has been around for centuries in different forms. It always finds away back into to our head creating a nostalgic moment. Having the opportunity to listen to one favorite song like “Remix to ignition” by R.Kelly giving everyone a good vibe and wanting to get people in a singing and dancing mood. The article describes the creativity, emotion, and functionally that a song can create. Giving a certain feeling in the body but its takes one back to a time in life when the first song was heard causing the nostalgic feeling and losing yourself in memories that music has created.
This article focuses on how the mind is creative in creating a nostalgic feeling that people have a luxury experiencing. Not everyone wants to let go but has that luxury of being able to experience with just one song. It starts with one song that people have heard of and that one song will be the start of a chain reaction throughout their teenage years. Its when music was sweet to the ears and everything made sense. “Why do the songs I heard when I was teenager
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There is no meaning to having a memory without the emotion. Mark states that “Brain imaging studies shows that our favorite songs stimulate a reaction to the brain that is made up of emotions known as the pleasure circuit in the brain.” (Stern,4) One song has the capability to create a moment like so, depending on the lyrics and beat that sticks in the brain. As within the pleasure circuit it releases an influx of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other neurochemicals that are brain takes in kind of giving the person the same experience as cocaine. One song can be so addictive and create an emotional
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