Nostra Aetate Essay

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Years ago, a man was crucified for saying he was God’s Son. His name was Jesus Christ. Those who followed his teachings were named Christians; and Christians soon resented Jews for their sinful act. This tension between Christians and Jews lead to increasing hatred for one another. Not too long ago, anti-Semitism was common. Anti-Semitism led to the death of an entire population during the Holocaust. Luckily, the church has taken measures to rectify this anti-semitism with the publication of Nostra Aetate. In 1965, the Vatican II Council completely transformed the church’s policies and theology with this document. Nostra Aetate signifies “In Our Time.” Indeed, in our time, the ill sentiments towards Jews have changed tremendously. Nostra…show more content…
There is a sense of unity that this document possesses. It promotes dialogue with all other world religions. The Catholic Church took a stand in writing Nostra Aetate, and urged, “its sons and daughters to enter with prudence and charity into discussion and collaboration with members of other religions.” Moreover, Nostra Aetate is significant to theology because it has led to the increasing teachings of Catholicism worldwide. If applied, to this course, for example, the title of this course is the Religious Quest. Quest is defined as “an act or instance of seeking.” In a way, through Nostra Aetate, the Catholic Church was searching for understanding and resolution. At Boston College, one of the course requirements is theology. A reason for this may be due to Nostra Aetate; it has made understanding other religions a priority to many institutions all over the world. Understanding each other’s religions could dissipate many of the foolish arguments that occur daily. The most misunderstood religious group at this moment is Islam. At Boston College, however, we can take a theology class focused on Islam, or Africism or any religion. We are given the chance to go on a “quest,” and to learn about any religion we want. A big reason for this is due in large part to Nostra Aetate. Nostra Aetate in that sense brings everyone together. Nostra Aetate made religious awareness more accessible, as various committees
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