Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the Prophecies Essay

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For Many years scholars and interpreters have been trying to find any truth that could possibly be found in the writings of Nostradamus. For many occasions people have been convinced that this man could see the future and he documented it in his many journals and books titled The Centuries. The writings and prophecies have been a controversial issue for many years. Most Nostradomus translators have more than likely misinterpreted his work because of his nearly illegible style of writings, thus false information is commonly found about this man of the past. Nostradamus, a French Jew converted to Christian who lived in France in the 16th century. Born Michel de Nostredame on December 14th 1503 in St. Remy, France. He was…show more content…
He was buried in the ancient temple of Mineurs Brothers. His son Caesar wrote in Nostradamus’s honor, “ To god the greatest, here lies the bones of the great reowned Michel de Nostredame, regarded dignified among all mortal beings to describe the movement of the stars, the universe, future happenings with a pen almost divine.” His wife wrote, “ He lived for 62 years, six months and ten days, he died at Salon, in 1566. Do not be jealous of his rest, Oh you who shall follow in his foot steps.” For Nostradamus, his final prophecy foretold his final days, or did it? His final prophecy foretold the end of Nostradamus. How did this man come up with his predictions? Nostradamus used a variety of magical arts and tools to induce ecstatic trances. Visions came to him through flame or water gazing, sometimes both together. He also followed the practice of Brachus, a Delphic priestess of ancient greece, requiring him to sit, spine erected, on a brass tripod, the legs of which were angled at the same degree as the Egyptian pyramids. The upright position, and possibly the use of nutmeg, stimulated the mind; the angle of the tripod legs thought to create a bioelectric force which would sharpen psychic abilities( Prophetic Meth. 1 of 3).” Today people believe that he may have predicted such occasions as Napoleon, Hitler, and the most recent the World Trade centers being terrorized. These are just few of what have been said to have come true, but what

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