Not All Companies Are View as Equal

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Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal Sidia Vasquez Strayer University BUS 309 Not All Companies Are Viewed As Equal In Free trade, the public views on a particular industry depending on the products brought to the market. The ability of the firm to understand the consumer needs and expectations will attract more attention than other industry (Shaw 2014). Each industry plays a vital role in one way or another in making the life of the public better or worse but what differentiates between them is the market expectations. It is entirely ethical to consider one company less important than the other if the reasons are objective. Issues like the tobacco industry help businesses earn favor from consumers but at the same time it…show more content…
The industry uses cutting-edge advertisement and marketing of their products. These are designed to play on human weakness making it difficult to avoid the products. They now prey on the younger generation as they are more supple and easier to redirect. Their products are given an appeal that is hard for these youngsters to avoid. In the end, the throw caution to the wind and we eventually hooked, some of them for life (Pierce 2013). Furthermore, tobacco industry has an ethical obligation to the consumers. Consumer satisfaction is the essence of every business’s strives to achieve its set objectives. Besides profitability, every enterprise is obliged to conform delivering quality products and services in tandem to the international code of conducts. In most cases, the production, processing and packaging is at the discretion of the producer. There exists information asymmetry between the producer and the consumer thus exposing the latter to the unilateral decision making by producers in the market. As a result, the responsibility of ensuring quality products is indirectly conferred to the producers for them to prioritize the effect of their products on the society’s well-being. REFERENCES Pierce, John. (2013). Influence of Tobacco Marketing and Exposure to Smokers on Adolescent Susceptibility to Smoking. Retrieved from:

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