Not All Companies Are Viewed as Equal

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There is a vast difference between the cigarette commercials of the 1980's and the anti-tobacco Truth ads of today. We were sold a lie, and now many have paid the price with their health and their life. Should it be the responsibility of the tobacco industry to care for these people who have life threating illnesses caused by their products? Should they also handle the burial of the individuals who die as a result of tobacco usage? In this industry, someone has to look out of the consumers that are not looking out for themselves.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2013, there were 42.1 million people in the United States that smoked cigarettes. Smoking causes many diseases such as cancer, heart
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was 35.1 billion dollars. With a product that kills so many of its customers, your only concern in this industry is to increase sales and make a profit. Definitely in the tobacco industry and most others, it is my opinion that you cannot cater to the best interest of both the company and the consumer. Even a good company with the best intentions will eventually come to a crossroad where choosing what is best for one will not have such a great outcome for the other. Their best interests will ultimately conflict, and you will be forced make a choice between the two.

In the land of fair trade, all industries are not equal. I do not believe it is unfair or unethical for the tobacco industry to be treated as such. Choosing to smoking has an effect on you and everyone around you. I know we as American are used to individual freedoms, but in my opinion you should not have the freedom to partake in products that are harmful to the person sitting next to you.

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