Not Another Pledge Death Essay

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Greek Life, or the presence of fraternities and sororities, exists in many colleges and universities. According to Michael Grandillo in an Encyclopedia article, “there are more than 5,500 chapters on 800 campuses throughout the United States and Canada.” Although Greek Life is so common, participation in such organizations can be a controversial topic, particularly when critics suggest that hazing can be detrimental to students' health and college careers. For those who do not know much about Greek Life, or the process that one goes through to become affiliated with this system, there is first a week called “rush week,” where fraternities and sororities host parties in attempt to cajole students into joining their organizations. If members…show more content…
Carrington was pronounced dead from water intoxication, which caused his brain and lungs to swell. Korry reports that similar hazing related deaths have occurred at least once a year for over three decades. Evidently, not all Greek organizations have upheld a safe, educational, and life-changing pledge process that they often promise. In addition, many students fear that pledging a fraternity or sorority will cause their grades to suffer tremendously for a semester. In reality, this is a matter of ignorance, for most Greek organizations designate certain hours where their pledges must be in the library to do their work or study. If pledges decide not to capitalize on these library hours, then it would be their own fault, rather than the fault of the organization, for their poor performance. Despite these potential risks, students can benefit greatly from participating in Greek Life. Although some students are aware of the benefits that Greek life has to offer, others join Greek organizations merely for the social status that comes along with “wearing letters,” or to add a line to their resumes. In my opinion, those who pledge a Greek organization learn many life skills that will prove to be advantageous for the rest of their lives. Students that are timid often become more outgoing after pledging, because certain pledging tasks involve talking to and meeting new people.
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