Not Be, Made Directly, Without ' Mediation '

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not be, made directly, without ‘mediation’. It could only be made through the impact on popular life of the post-colonial revolution (Hall, 231).” It is through this that we see that peoples oppression is contingent upon what the rest of the world and how the rest of the world views a specific race. From the Mickey Mouse and the Bay Thursday we can see that the written performance of the character towards Bay Thursday (african boy) is depicted in a manner which represented the ideas of how people viewed the African race at that time. It was premised on the characterization of African countries, and the imagination of africans being uncivilized and uneducated and in need of european help. It reflected the african race as an image of the Dark Continent. Performance reassures and normalized the ideas that are portrayed in society, they reinforce them to make people think that it is ok to think the way we do towards non-white races. “The ways in which black people, black experiences, were positioned and subject-ed in the dominant regimes of representations were the effects of a critical exercise of cultural power and normalization (Hall, 225).” I find that it is through racial formation “which refers to the process by which social, economic and political forces determine the content and importance of racial categories, and by which they are in turn shaped by racial meanings (Omi, Winant, 61).” This reassures the meanings that are given to races and it is through performances
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