Not Caring But Without Cursing

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Not Caring but Without Cursing My social media presence is very fragmented, which in a way reflects who I am and how I handle life. I think about what I am trying to convince people of about as much as Donald Trump thinks about the implications of his tweets, which is not at all. Most of my posts are just sharing my personal beliefs. Though, after discussing this paper with my sister I found out my personal beliefs are that we are killing the environment and need to stop. Which, to be fair is true, although, I did not realize just how much of my feed was full of that. I tend to filter my word usage on Facebook to not offend any of the older members of my friend list. I enjoy sharing on Facebook, even though it tends to be a bit more…show more content…
If I had to think about what others thought of my posts on that one it would definitely defeat the purpose of that Tumblr. I rarely use Instagram, more just to look than to post. There are so many otters and puppies on Instagram, many people have made their lives from using it. People who can make a living through social media have a better understanding of what rhetorical devices to use. I find that I am just as much of a bumbling awkward person on the internet as I am in person. I do not use rhetorical devices as much as I should. Moreover, I try not to sway people too often as they tend to be easily upset more than convinced. I found that I am not good at using ethos, either on social medial or in real life. I know now that thinking more about what I am posting, rather than just filtering for my audience. I post a lot of just cute things and not really personal things, most of my personal things are just messages to friends rather than posting about it for everyone to see. I do not like not being able to completely manage who sees what I post and not knowing what people do and do not know. I hate the idea of thinking about my audience each time I post. That is just way too much work for my brain and to be quite honest. If they do not like what they see, then they probably should not be following me or we can start a discussion about it. Most of my posts are just tidbits I think are cool and I normally post to review at a more convenient time. I do have
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