Essay about Not Easy but Rewarding: Entrepreneurship

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A famous quote by the late Peter Drucker reads, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Per the New Merriam-Webster Dictionary an entrepreneur is a person who creates, organizes, and operates a business or businesses, taking on a greater than normal risk in order to do so. It is unknown who actually started the first business on the records but it stated to be in the year 527 AD when it was created. The details about the business are not specified either but it was solely resembled a funeral home. According to Forbes; a leading Internet media company, is among the most trusted resources for the world's businesses and investment leaders, in the last six years there are over thirty-eight million people who have become…show more content…
The business’ year-end sales exceeded 1 million dollars. Twelve years after Gates founded his business in 1987 he became the worlds youngest billionaire at the age of 31. Because of Gates’ booming business and because he is his own boss he has the power to create is on schedule and he more than likely finds his self having much more free time than the average person. Gates ability to be flexible, free, and to be able to bring in a steady cash flow is what makes his company such a success.
Statistics say people prefer to work independently. This is because, people don’t want to follow rules of the people they work for. Having a boss can be antagonizing because if you and your boss do not get along then you might be assigned with the most tasks and can be very stressful. Generally people who don’t get along with their bosses do not enjoy their jobs or work in a comfortable work space. Being an entrepreneur gives one the opportunity of taking control and handling the day-to-day task, and it provides people with a secure job since they have the opportunity to manage the money and operations of the business. One cannot fire their self, especially if he or she is the owner/creator of that business. Being an entrepreneur allows one to do whatever he or she wants to do in order to make their business a success, but entrepreneurs have to be mindful not to break any laws in the process. Another benefit of being your own boss is if a person comes up with an idea you can
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