`` Not Fade Away : On Living, Dying, And The Digital Afterlife

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People shouldn 't be remembered primary by the things they have left behind on the web. That is the statement that Maria Bustillos was trying to make in her article “Not fade away: on living, dying, and the digital afterlife” on The Verge. She attempted to make this statement with the main ideas of the internet remembering people differently than how people would choose to remember people. The placement of her article is also an important reason as to why it isn 't successful. The Verge is a news sight with a audience primarily made up of teens and college age students so this article already starts off talking to an audience that isn 't very interested in the idea of death or how they will be remembered on the web. The article is very random in the way it goes about trying to persuade the reader to see like the author sees. It throws facts at the readers face then just switches up into an artistic style to ponder the philosophy behind death on the web. Although Maria Bustillos does a good job relating the topic to her own situation, she fails to make her topic into a strong argument for her purpose. Maria Bustillos 's article “Not fade away: on living, dying, and the digital afterlife” was all over the place. She would use her personal stories to make it seem like a very dear subject to her and try to draw emotion from the reader. Like the story about her mother being written to by a machine over her deceased fathers call to jury duty. This makes the reader laugh and draws
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