Not Free Life Without The Internet

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Feel free life without the internet Living in the information age, life seems to be easier since the internet fulfills almost all the requirements of human need. People can finish the work, pay the bill, pre-order the iPhone, learning courses, book a movie ticket or take a trip on the Google to see a big world in virtual. It will be pretty boring if the internet can only be used for doing academic research, getting through work and we definitely could be more various online but living in the virtual reality might make our future less bright since this is still the society consist of mankind. It seems horrible that our life is so dependent on the internet that most of us, particularly the younger generation, waste plenty of time online for chatting, entertaining, shopping. However, the negative impact of the Internet for teenagers or even all users are not just waste of time but cognitive misleading and cyberbullying. Indeed, celebrities will be more susceptible to target, but we are also victims since receiving and disseminating false information. Furthermore, when ordinary people encountered cyber violence, it was easier to be hurt and more difficult to assert personal rights. The world needs more kindness rather than impulsively distinguished the right and wrong. Moreover, there is so fragmented information on the internet that increase the difficulty of our deeper understanding. The impact of the Internet depends on the way of use. Personally, the online world is so
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