Not Human Beings By Shmulik Stein Character Analysis

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In the story “Not Human Beings”, by Etgar Keret, Shmulik Stein is portrayed as, “the bleeding heart” throughout much of the story. In the beginning of the story, Stein’s character seems to be petulant. When his commander Davidoff, is distracted by the Border Police Officer, taking him away from their game of backgammon, he makes a sarcastic threat about volunteering to go with the personnel officer if Davidoff doesn’t “shoot the fucking dice.” (752) Soon after Stein finds himself selected to spend a week with the Border Police. The first day he spends with them riding around in jeeps, one of the fellow officer’s in a nearby jeep purposely runs over an Arab that was walking down the road, Stein seems to be perplexed about the thoughtless act
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