Not Impossible Labs And Their Technology For Humanity

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Not Impossible Labs and their "Technology for Humanity" Introduction: I. Attention Statement How many of you have ever imagined that the simplest, little inventions could create such a profound impact in people’s lives? (Insert Photo of Inventions) II. Topic Today I will talk about this California-based group of inventors called the Not Impossible Labs and their “Technology for Humanity.” III. Importance Not Impossible Labs is a group of innovators and programmers that develop open-sourced software and creative solutions to making low-cost assistive devices accessible thru their “do it yourself’ website. IV. Preview of Main Points – First, I’ll talk about Not Impossible Labs’ background. Next, I will discuss a few of their greatest inventions. Lastly, I will talk about the profound difference they made on people’s lives. Body: I. First, let’s talk about Not Impossible Labs’ background. A. The Not Impossible Labs is a non-profit, crowdfunded, collaborative effort of inventors and programmers recruited mostly through crowdsourcing or volunteering. It was founded in 2013 by TV and film producer, Mick Ebeling, who back in 2008 felt a sudden calling to do more for others. B. In his interview with, this calling later led him to a fund-raising event, where he met Tempt Quan, a well-known graffiti artist, who was paralyzed and whose motor skills were limited only to moving his eyes. Tempt has ALS and has not spoken for seven years. C. Needless to

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