Not Just A Game : The Impact Of Sports On U.s. Economy

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It is undeniable that in today 's society, the sports industry is booming and has become more and more successful within the past sixty years. With the average professional athletes ' income soaring to higher levels, most visibly in sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, it is easy to see that American citizens are more than obsessed with sports. Basis for this paper is based off of one particular online article titled, “Not Just a Game: The Impact of Sports on U.S. Economy”. A brief summary of this particular article will follow this introduction. Although I do agree with the main premiss of this article, there are a few points which do need to be questioned. With this continuously growing obsession of the sports industry, does the focus of students waver causing an even larger problem with national education, are athletes exorbitant salaries justified, and who does the sports industry really benefit in the American economy? Questions like these are not often thought about due to the seemingly noble principle of athletes going out onto a field and trying their honest best to try and bring home a victory to the home crowd. When one scratches the surface of this industry however, the other side of professional sports is exposed. As stated before, the initial article that is the basis for this essay will be summarized concisely. This particular article written by Gwen Burrow and published on July 9, 2013, raises the question: “What would happen if,
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