Not Many People Can Write A Proposal Consisting Of Three

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Not many people can write a proposal consisting of three thousand three hundred and seventy-six words in which political and economic issues are discussed and given a solution in such a serious yet sarcastic tone, but this is exactly what Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal does. Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland to British parents and as result of this, he yearned to get as far away as he could from the Irish. After he was ordained into the Church of Ireland in 1964, he was exposed to the lives of the poor population. He could not have guessed that in a few years, he would write one of the most political satire pieces in history. A Modest Proposal is so iconic because of its unique tone, the in-depth discussion of the blatant abuse of …show more content…

Swift proposes that “instead of being a charge upon their parents, or the parish, or wanting food and raiment for the rest of their lives, they shall…contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing of many thousands (Schilb & Clifford, 2014, p. 64).” According to the research done by Dr. Jonathan Swift, children deplete resources and money like a sponge absorbs water once they are two years old. As a result, the infants should be fattened up during their first year in this world and then sold for profit. Swift’s plan kills two birds with one stone. Overpopulation will be an issue no longer, and by selling the children to the upper class, Ireland’s economy will be booming. The structure of this argument is so compelling that many readers automatically agree with the mass slaughter of thousands of innocent children. If the author had not used such an authoritative tone full of conviction, the reader would have automatically disregarded the immoral proposition to open a market for the consumption of children. Throughout his proposal, Swift included an abundance of satire, which becomes blatantly obvious once the mirage of an informative solution fades. In conclusion, A Modest Proposal presented readers with a far-fetched idea comprised of nonexistent statistics delivered in a convincing, authoritative tone that made the slaughter of thousands of innocent infants

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