Not Much Change With Kid Movies

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Not Much Change with Kid Movies

I grew up watching all the Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks animated films from Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Shrek. In high school, a peer of mine named Paul Ray asked me, “Who is your favorite princess?” My response was Mulan and was not shocked, instead he gave me this sarcastic laugh and “I knew it and it’s so obvious that you are a feminist.” Of course, I loved watching all the Disney princesses and I still do watch them to this day. I cannot argue with Paul Ray, because I know very well that I believe in feminism. It bothers me very much how female protagonists are portrayed in animated films, because that is what younger little girls look up to. If one portrays life to be
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Amanda says that Pixar gets very political; Wall-E being the perfect example she used in the reading to explain how they get political. Marcotte looks into the fact how women function under male dominance. Even though Merida changed everything about arranged marriage by herself, Marcotte says its unlikely for such a thing to happen in the real world. At the end, Amanda says it a story that is familiar t those doing feminist work in the real world. A feminist is one who supports feminism, which is the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of social, economic, and political equality to men. There are stereotypes among women, furthermore, in the animated film Frozen for example. Elisa, who is the leading protagonist, while she is singing, Let it go by Demi Lovato in the movie, she completely transforms from wardrobe to personality. Elisa’s new dress is very tight fitted with a slit along the leg. The message I got from this scene was that women need to be sexy in order conquer the world or even to feel happy about themselves. The other day my boyfriend and I were discussing about how women on advertisements are all portrayed to be skinny, sexy and showing more skin. As a feminist one doesn’t like how women are portrayed to be sex objects or to be thin with a tiny waist or to depend on males. In all of the animated films from Disney, the princesses depend on a
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