Not Practicing What We Preach

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Not Practicing What We Preach We live in a country that many enjoy hailing as a place where one can enjoy unparalleled freedom and equality. A place where our government is supposed to be free of all corruptions and truly representative of the people. One that many wish to come to, even to this day, in hopes of improving their lives and getting a slice of the American dream. Where we almost worship our founding documents, believing that the words they contain are inarguable truths that should be used to make further decisions. Considering how ardently we view these papers and what grandiose images of equality, democracy and opportunity our name evokes, you would think that we continuously upheld the values expressed in our founding documents throughout our history. However, when considering the oppression of marginalized people, political corruption, and lack of access to equal opportunity present throughout American history it is impossible to say that we have truly lived up to the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence. The phrase “all men are created equal” (The Declaration of Independence) might be one of the most recognizable from the Declaration of Independence, unfortunately, it also represents one of the most poorly upheld values of the document. America’s struggle with an intense racial divide wasn’t isolated to this one great injustice or even just one race. Take for example, the horrific treatment and mass genocide of Native Americans largely during
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