Not So Healthy After All

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Tierrap Peoples
Mrs. Baltuska
English 101-019
7 May 2015
Not so Healthy After All Two point three million year old traditions are hard to break. Something that has been happening for such a long time is obviously a successful endeavor. So what has been happening for so long? Our ancestors have been using animals as sources of food, clothing and protection, and they set the example for their future generations. What a person eats is their personal decision, and it should be made through personal thought, research, and helpful health advice from a physician. However I am going to tell you why you should absolutely not be a vegetarian. Vegetarians claim that their lifestyles are healthier for their bodies than the diet of those who eat meat. They also think that the raising of live stock provides disadvantages for the earth and its future inhabitants because of the impact on the environment. Lastly they believe that because animals have faces it is wrong to slaughter them for meat. They associate feelings with certain animals and do not care about the others. Those who are vegetarian or vegan have made arguments for why they think that they are doing the right thing, but taking into the account the health effects, the shift those habits have on the environment, what else the animal is used for, and the actual amount of animal cruelty taking place, it is clear that eating meat and other animal products is the correct decision. Jacob Bouvier, a vegetarian once…
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