Not So Terrible By Ben Powell

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Not So Terrible Ben Powell’s “In Defense of ‘Sweatshops’” article offers an uncommon point of view regarding the necessity of sweatshops. Powell knows that people know about sweatshops, but he offers another angle to the topic. The point he tries to get across is how sweatshops can actually be beneficial to the people in the third world countries, rather than them being a terrible thing. Throughout the article, he brought up some relatively good points, but not all he had to say was backed up with evidence. Therefore, Powell’s article was semi-effective. In Powell’s piece, he talks about how people in the United States view sweatshops as a terrible thing, but sweatshops are not the same in our first world country as they are in third world countries. He talks about how in third world countries, workers try to find the jobs available that are better than their alternatives. He also has charts that show that even though sweatshop workers get paid way less than what we as a first world country would even consider to be a livable wage is a higher paying job compared to the alternatives for the standard of living in that country. He also goes on about the people that are anti-sweatshops and want to increase working conditions for workers. They want to see changes such as, a minimum age requirement, minimum wage, safety and health conditions, and limited hours actually worked. What these people do not recognize is the fact that in third world countries the productivity in workers

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