Not So Unlikely : Total World Peace

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Not so Unlikely

Total world peace may not be such a radical expectation for the next century 's generations. A world filled with cooperation and progressivism from all individuals is arguably just around the corner as humans approach such a strange and peaceful times. As history unfolds there is a substantial drop in the trendiness of wanting to kill one another for resources, political differences and proving a point; which can all also be attributed to the increase in population in relation the lowering percentages of actual casualties in any given event. Even with the several wars that have unfolded during the 21st century,the rise in democracy, globalization, and the general lack of appeal for atrocities has resulted in human history 's most peaceful era.

While there are many variables that constitute to the increase in peace or decrease in violence throughout history; many argue that democracy has a direct correlation with global peace and some say there is not enough there for a causation. However democracy is an important factor that should be considered when evaluating the state of human relations. In a Democracy, leaders are elected to represent the will of the citizens on how the country should be ran, and are held accountable for the success or detriment they may bring to the country. Citizens of a democracy are less likely to want to engage in costly wars as they will be the ones to inevitably subsidize it by using up valuable resources and lives."Most

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