Not Stop For Death By Emily Dickinson

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The first poem that I would like to examine is Because I could not stop for death by Emily Dickinson. This poem is about someone being dead, but no one knows that until the very end of this poem. The poem in the beginning states that a gentleman has come for the speaker, and the speaker states that she can not stop for death, she does not want to die but realizes that is naturally happens to all human beings. So the gentleman wants to take her on a ride on his horse carriage. The speaker does go along on the ride, and is very calm and easy going in the beginning of the poem. She stays positive while looking at the view of children playing at recess which makes her remember her own childhood. The only reason she is staying so positive is due to the fact she does not realize where they are headed. While on their journey she sees the setting sun, which actually means mature years getting older and heading toward the end of life. When the speaker talks about being “dews drew quivering and chill” so it may be morning, she is also cold because the only thing she is wearing is a gown. “We pasued before a House that seemed A swelling of the ground- The Roof was scarcely visible-The Cornice-in the Ground.” This stanza basically says that the speaker has met her new home which turns out to be a grave. The swelling ground, a roof that is hard to see mean the top of the casket. That is when it hits the speaker that she is buried there, she also comes to the conclusion that she has
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