Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley

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The Family’s fragility of trust of in Not Wanted on the Voyage The family unit is an essential building block of human society. In Timothy Findley’s novel “Not Wanted on the Voyage”, Findley satirically tells the problem of modern age family’s problem which is isolated family units, parent-with-child relation problems, and an extramarital relationship. His version of the story of the Biblical patriarch Noah and his family. In many societies based on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the original Biblical story of Noah and his family is considered to be an excellent example of what a family should be. However in Findley’s version, he tells the story of a dysfunctional family. What Findley really wants to say is that as society goes through major changes catalyzed breaking the relationship of Family, it exposes to uses the flood catalyzed the fragility of trust within the family unit. This is evident by Dr. Noah’s marital issue with Mrs. Noyes, Noah’s sons’ aggression towards his own parents, and Hannah’s affair with her father-in-law. In the family unit, the father is male parent who raises the child and supports his children and wife. However in Findley’s version of Noah’s story, he tells about the problem of modern ages’ isolating family units. Noah’s wife, Mrs. Noyes, is one of the women in the family and a mother to Noah’s children. Compared to Noah in this novel, her power was restrained. She did not have too much power in family units. We can see an example of this from

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