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She discourages Sandy from getting in trouble and keeps him in high school. The large number of books in her house gives Sandy the opportunity to read, and he quickly acquires a habit of constantly reading. The books he reads expand his mind and lead him to ask big questions about religion, morality and race relations. Eventually Annjee saves up enough money to send for Sandy; Jimboy has gone to Europe in World War I and Annjee has found Sandy a job as a bell-boy. Sandy saves up money to continue his education, but Annjee wants him to keep his job as a bell-boy and make a living. About that time, Harriett has made her way out of darker places and has utilized her natural beauty and singing talent to become a regional blues singing star. When Sandy and Annjee go to see her in Chicago, Harriett berates Annjee for discouraging Sandy's education and reminds her of Aunt Hager's dreams for him. When Annjee relents, Harriett commits to funding Sandy's education. Chapters 1-3, Storm, Conversation, Jimboy's Letter Summary and Analysis "Storm" introduces Aunt Hager and her grandson Sandy preparing for a cyclone that is hitting their neighborhood. At the beginning of the story, Aunt Hager is desperately trying to get Sandy and herself into her cellar and get the door shut. When the storm passes, her house is gone, but she and her neighbor thank God things weren't worse. After meeting with a few more people in town, they
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