Not Working In School

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Have you ever wondered if you can pay for college? According to Ashley Marchand, "about two-thirds of freshmen said they were either somewhat or very worry about their ability to finance their college educations.? Over the past few years tuition has increased and students are faced with the question "is college worth it?" Before going to college, you should consider about the differences of working and not working in school, reasons why students drop out, and the cumulative debt.

There are several benefits of working versus not working while in school. Working students have less time for studying and can increase working hours. With the increased work hours and less time for school, it can cause more stress on top of school work. As a results, this can cause a consideration of dropping out or not finishing the program. Another reason of working is that it can be a distraction affecting a longer time to graduate. Even though working while in college has it's disadvantages, there are countless advantages of working. Students who work will develop professional skills such as communication, teamwork, and money management. Therefore they can use those skills outside of school. By working, students will decrease their student loans. For
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In the first year of college about 35 percent will dropout. Students quit college because they get home sick or cannot balance school with work. Students may be face with taking care of family members because of illnesses or the impact of losing a loved one. Though the main reason why they drop out is because of money. While working, this may not be enough to cover school expenses such as textbooks, lunch, gas, etc. They also worry about not having enough money to cover monthly expenses like rent, phone bills, and credit card bills. This causes them to find ways to make ends meet, wasting time that should be meant for
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