Notational Analysis In Sports

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Performance analysis in sport is the investigation of actual sports performance or performance in training which can develop an understanding of sports that can inform decision making by seeking to enhance or improve sports performance (O'donoghue, 2010). So, performance analysis is very important for every sport because it can help to improve performance for players and teams. In performance analysis, there have a few types of analysis that can be use such as notational analysis, biomechanics and motor control (Bartlett, 2001). In addition, it also can be use to analyse the match in term of tactical and technical. According to Teodorescu and Urzeală (2013), performance analysis can help players to improve their skill and develop new strategies…show more content…
& Franks, 2004), which is it will study the patterns of movement, tactics and pattern in sports through the notational analysis. The successful patterns of play can be identified through the match video. Researcher will count on the selected performance indicators. For example of performance indicators in martial arts, kicking, blocking and many more. According to O'donoghue and Ingram (2001), the players can make a plan to create new strategy to make sure they win the match based on the knowledge of opponent’s weakness and strength. From the notational analysis in martial arts, analyst can provide and explain the weakness of the team to the coaches. Not only for martial arts but also for all sports. Notational analysis can be performed in two methods which is, hand notational and video computerized software. Both of the methods can be use in pre-match and post-match analysis. The pre-match will be analysis according the training performances and the post-match will be analysis after the match done. Besides that, notational analysis also can be performed in live analysis because it can give a quick feedback to coach during
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