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Introduction Taking notes is great ways of helping one identify important concepts for future reference. Even if one has a great memory, they won't be able to remember everything that the that they hear or read, unless one has a permanent written record for their reference (Lombardi, 2012). There are several different ways in which a person can take notes. Three of these ways are Keyword Note-taking, Linear Note-taking and Time Lines. Keyword Note-Taking Keyword note-taking consists of putting keywords and phrases into complete sentences and then adding an introductory/topic sentence and a concluding sentence. The point is to be as elaborate as possible. The next step is to apply knowledge that one already knows regarding the key words and ideas. The last thing to be done is to cite examples and define terms about the keywords and phrases (Keyword Note-taking. n.d). Linear Note-Taking The linear system of note-taking involves several simple steps. Step one is to identify the purpose of the note-taking. Is it for gaining a broad understanding of a topic or is it for finding specific information to use in an assessment task. The second step is to skim the text to identify relevant information. If one is using a photocopy or their own text, they should highlight the relevant information, like key points and minor points. One should leave a wide margin at the side of your page for key points. The rest of the page is for the supporting minor points. The head the page

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