Note To Sixth-Grade Self Analysis

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Julie Orringer, The author of “Note to Sixth-Grade Self”, describes a girl that has an issue with society at her school. The unknown character of is socially awkward and worries way too much about her surroundings . She is always worrying about the things that are going to happen in the future by talking to herself. She is always trying to fit into the others but she thinks about it more than she needs to. For example, at dance class, she is worried about where she is standing in line and not focusing on what Miss Miggie, The dance instructor is teaching them. The unknown character is socially awkward and worries too much about her surroundings because she wants to know where she is socially accepted along with her popularity.
She is analyzing her way through the entire day and makes it awkward for herself. The unknown character is at dance class, she reminds herself of what to do,”At four o'clock, go inside with the others. Line up against the wall with girls. Watch how the boys line up against their wall, the popular ones in the middle, awkward ones at the side”. When she refers to the side, she is referring to herself, therefore she thinks she is awkward at school. She doesn't want to stand in the middle of the line because of her social status at school. The evidence shows that she is awkward at school and out of school because is she worries about theses
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By not knowing what to do, she makes her life very awkward for herself. The unnamed character gets too paranoid and starts to worry about her surroundings. She talks to herself as if she is planning her next step. For example, “Cara Will throw the piece of dress at you”., “Do not drop the tray of cookies on the kitchen tile.” These examples from the story show that by talking to herself she is making her life more and more awkward for people around her. Nonetheless, people at her school bully her because she has these awkward ways of getting
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