Notes And Advertisements : Data Sources

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 Data sources e.g. sources in relation to secondary data.
 Articles and advertisements: According to recent study, the sales for men’s skincare products have a significant increased in year 2016. Men havebecome one of the biggest segment or driver in the skincare industry around the world. Men are starting to care and aware of their appearance as they are getting more knowledgeable and get educated about the importance of take care and protection of their skin. A lot of retailer or store in the market begins to bring in and market men’s skincare products due to the rise of demand. Skincare products for men are
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The reason for men’s skincare growing market is due to the widespread of ongoing culture, various marketing of men’s products, and the desire to maintain youthfulness due to the stress or pressure at work which may drive their skin to darker or lower tone and looks less energetic

 How the data will be processed and reviewed e.g. manually or using specialised software and your rationale for this approach.
 Data processing service experts:
The number or volume of data that collected by Bio-Gent in conducting market research could be overloaded and very difficult to measure. By using data processing service expert, amount of data that being develop can be formulated, classified, processed, presented and efficiently reachable and access. Information like the participants’ demographic data, psychographic data, geographical data and etc. can be organized and processed into a presentable format, which sum up and simplify the complexity of data being collected. Through data processing service experts, Bio-Gent are able to better manage our business, save a lot of time and also save cost in implementing data
 Specialist software packages:
As there is a huge volume of data being collected and need to be analyzed, it is very difficult for Bio-Gent to manage such big amount of data and is time consuming. As a result, Bio-Gent chooses to use specialist
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