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Chapter 21—The Collapse and Recovery of Europe, 1914–1970s

CHAPTER LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • To examine the history of Europe between 1914 and the 1970s as an organic whole made up of closely interconnected parts • To consider the repercussions of nationalism and colonialism in Europe and Japan • To increase student awareness of the effects of the two world wars • To help students imagine the appeal of totalitarian movements in the twentieth century

KEY TERMS: blitzkrieg: German term meaning “lightning war,” used to describe Germany’s novel military tactics in World War II, which involved the rapid movement of infantry, tanks, and airpower over large areas. (pron. BLITS-kreeg)
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New Deal: A series of reforms enacted by the Franklin Roosevelt administration between 1933 and 1942 with the goal of ending the Great Depression.
Nuremberg Laws: Series of laws passed by the Nazi-dominated German parliament in 1935 that forbade sexual relations between Jews and other Germans and mandated that Jews identify themselves in public by wearing the Star of David.
Revolutionary Right (Japan): Also known as Radical Nationalism, this was a movement in Japanese political life ca. 1930–1945 that was marked by extreme nationalism, a commitment to elite leadership focused around the emperor, and dedication to foreign expansion. total war: War that requires each country involved to mobilize its entire population in the effort to defeat the enemy.
Treaty of Versailles: 1919 treaty that officially ended World War I; the immense penalties it placed on Germany are regarded as one of the causes of World War II. (pron. vare-SIGH)
Triple Alliance: An alliance consisting of Germany, Austria, and Italy that was one of the two rival European alliances on the eve of World War I.
Triple Entente: An alliance consisting of Russia, France, and Britain that was one of the two rival European alliances on the eve of World War I.
United Nations: International peacekeeping organization and forum for international opinion,
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