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The liturgy refers to the set order of services and structure of each service True The text Alleluia, O virgamediatrix is from which portion of the Mass? The Proper The texts of the Mass service that are specific to a particular feast day are called the Ordinary. False Gregorian chant features regularly phrased melodic lines supported by instrumental accompaniment. F Early notation used neumes, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line. True The text of the Kyrie has a Greek text The Kyrie is not a part of the Mass. false Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called responsorial singing The two main services for the Roman Catholic Church…show more content…
The vocal range in the work Puisqu’enoubli is low, best suited for men's voices. True Machaut’sPuisqu’enoubli is best classified as secular music Which era does Puisqu’enoubliexemplifyArs Nova The lower two voices in Sumer is icumen in sing short repeated ideas known as an ostinato The constant imitation from beginning to end in between the voices of Sumer is icumen in is characteristic of its genre, which is a round Instrumental music in the Middle Ages was generally improvised rather than played from notation. True Which composer lived and worked during the Ars nova. Guillaume de Machaut The recorder, lute, and hammered dulcimer all were categorized into which group in the Middle Ages? Pas Puisqu’enoubli is in a triple meter with gently syncopated rhythms. True Poet-musicians in Germany in the Middle Ages were known as Minnesinger Which of the following was NOT an activity associated with secular music in medieval society? Devotional services In which poetic form is Machaut’s chanson Puisqu’enoubli set? Rondeau What event inspired Raimbaut to write his famous epic. The Crusades To which category of medieval instruments do the sackbut, crumhorn, cornetto, tabor, and nakers

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