Notes Of A Native Son

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Notes of a Native Son In the article “Notes of a Native Son,” James Baldwin explains how racism has an effect in his life and how he would deal with racism in his life. Mr. Baldwin tells three events that occurred during his time with his father when his father was still alive. Baldwin shares the story of how proud his father was before he died and how he was of the first generation of freemen. Baldwin also shared the story of the Harlem riot he witnesses. Baldwin explains how the white world was too powerful for black people to handle or overpower. I believe that Baldwin is very effective to his readers by using personal memories and personal experience to teach people to move on from whatever have happened to them in the past. Baldwin’s essay is effective to his readers because he uses his personal memories as example. One of the memories is when Baldwin explains how his father is never proud of his skin color, which explains how black people think of themselves. “With his blackness and beauty, and with the fact that he knew that he was black but did not know that he was beautiful” claimed Baldwin (85). Some black people don’t really like their skin color, because they believe blackness is ugly. Today, some black people bleach their skin especially black women. They bleach their skin just to let their skin white and it common in Africa. Therefore, what Baldwin is trying to pass out to his readers is the color black is beautiful. Baldwin father blackness have had so many

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