Notes On ' A Scholarship Boy '

Decent Essays
Jingshen Huang
Fall 2013
Assignment #4, Draft 1

As a scholarship boy, Rodriguez received many years of schooling and kept moving away from family as the time in education passed. This was what Rodriguez chosen before he actually realized his long for past. Once he admitted his nostalgia, he chose to physically leave academy and back home to stay with his family. But no sooner, he suspect his return and finally understand “If, because of my schooling, I had grown culturally separated from my parents, my education finally had given me ways of speaking and caring about that fact.” (Rodriguez, 532). At the end of his essay, he summarized his gain from his schooling, which is ‘Ways of speaking and caring’ himself or, in other word, discover the true behind reality. His discovery process of ‘ways of speaking and caring’ include his relationship with his family and teacher, experience of reading, and class shifted as he move from elementary school through college and graduate school to his career as a teacher and a writer.
As a working-class Mexican immigrants’ son, Rodriguez inevitably sense the separation between him and his family, whom he feels deepest love, as he advanced his academic level. Through education, Rodriguez changed but his parents didn’t change as much as him. His parents saying and behavior often reminded him of the person he once was and the life. Instead of admiring his parents, he felt embarrassed at their lack of education. He deliberately
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