Notes On A Script On The United Kingdom 's Membership Of The European Union

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TOK Script Slide 1 Good Morning! Today I’m going to focus on Intuition, and as you may already have guessed, the Brexit. * Slide 2 - RLS Before diving straight into things, here is a very brief recap of the Brexit, thus far. * On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the Referendum on the United Kingdom 's membership of the European Union, otherwise known as the 'Brexit ' vote, was staged for a third time with historic consequences. Where the majority of the votes from the participating population supported the bid to leave the European Union, 48.1 to 51.9%. The result leaving the British economy in pieces, major politicians forced to resign, including those that supported the bit to ‘Leave’, along with the then Prime Minister David Cameron and the…show more content…
In this case, Intuition was key in these campaigns so that people would side with their arguments. The knowledge question also has subsidiary links to History and Reason which will be investigated later on.* Slide 4 – KC – Personal Ex. Development 1 of the knowledge question will focus on my personal perspective and examples that were gathered, particularly focusing on Ethics. My personal knowledge claim in response to the knowledge question * is that I believe that the value of ethical arguments is more significant in comparison to other claims that are mainly based on intuition, in the context of supported knowledge without significant evidence, which was a main concept that was outlined when analysing the Brexit vote. * A personal example of where is may be evident is in my IB Psychology Subject, A psychology experiment was carried out where 2 (scripted) presenters gave 2 separate arguments on a particular topic to 2 groups of participants. The first presenter focused on the numerous perspectives and repercussions that the topic would create and touch on and what the situation would do to those different people (Much like a TOK presentation), as well as touching on the ethics of the topic. The second speaker focused on their personal perspective and their thoughts, ignoring any other perspectives and only ‘presuming’ outcomes, they also ignored any and all ethical viewpoints. The first group of participants were told by the researchers that the

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