Notes On Bill And Bill

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I have recently touched base with Bill and have talked through and emailed several formulas from the spreadsheet we had created to keep track of his expenses. In the first he was wanting to add the daily totals in column F. Bill would need to use the =sum formula by double clicking the cell so he can put in the formula =sum (F5:F11) and that gives him the total to that column. Bill can use the same formula that he used in the request above he will need to make the cell numbers read differently instead of =sum (F5:F11) he will need to use =sum (B13:F13) and that will give him the total for that row. In the next formula Bill will need to use the IF function in column G the formula should read =IF (F57100, YES). For his additional request he can use the same formula. If the total is less then $100 he needs to leave the row blank. With all of the above going on Bill is brainstorming about expanding his business. Bill wants to hire one or two more employees. There are a couple of different types of networks Bill could use. Bill decided to go with the client/server network instead of the peer to peer network because with the peer to peer network the user is the administrator and they get to decide what is shared with other users. There is a lack of security with this and we both feel that client / server is the best interest because all the clients can access the same information from the central computer which is the server Bill can also connect his tablet and laptop to this.
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