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The amount of solar radiation that is reflected by a surface or object. If something has a high Albedo it reflects more of the Sun’s radiation, whereas a low reflection then reflects less. Snow and ice, both have a high albedo as they both reflect high proportions other Sun’s radiation. A couple examples of a substance having a low albedo would be vegetation (grass or trees) and oceans. Though the albedo of soils and earth does vary as factor such as cloud cover, snow, ice, leaf cover, and land use affect how much radiation a surface can reflect from the Sun.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic energy that comes from a source and is made up of electric and magnetic fields. Tis energy travels through a
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Earth’s climate has always been changing, though the change that is being observed now is such a concern due to certain factors. The thing that is concerning about climate change is the rapid rate at which it is occurring. Changes in climate are happening at a very fast speed, changes in the past were dramatic but gradual at the same time, over a time span of thousands of years. Also, the possibility of climate change to continue at the same speed is very likely as many factors both natural and human activities affect it.

Although the media often refer to "Global Warming," a more appropriate term is "Global Climate Change." Why does it matter, and what is the difference?
A more appropriate term for the change we are witnessing in climate is Global Climate Change rather than Global Warming. The term Global warming means that the climate of the Earth is increasing in temperature, globally. Yes, the world is getting warmer although there are many factors that take a part in this change in climate. These factors such as precipitation, and evaporation are all part of this global change and in order to include all these changes a better term is needed rather than Global Warming. The term that can be used to modify the understanding of these changes is "Global Climate Change." Global Climate Change
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