Notes On Charles Orwell 's ' The Hell '

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Dianne Lam 1328 words 9100 St. Charles Rock Road St. Louis, MO 63114 (314) 493-6100 Hostage: Part 1 by Dianne Lam It’s 11:15 P.M. on a humid, Thursday night. My group of friends are sitting in my basement, brainstorming on what to do to pass time. As everyone is rambling on, I glance over at Don, who’s isolated himself outside the circle to scroll along his phone. We begin yelling at each other and getting furious with the emptiness coming to our minds; then Don looks up and whispers, “What about Hostage?” We all glance around at each other, seeing if someone could explain what just happened.…show more content…
Stone cold. Don knows what he’s gotten everyone into, and so do I. He tries to make it more enjoyable; so, he slaps on a smile and continues on with the rules. “Once you have dropped off your hostage, someone from each team, who is not the driver, will call each other and give them a vague hint as to where the other team member is. Such as saying, ‘Bow and Arrow’ if you drop them off at Target. After that, it’s completely up to the other team to find them within 3 hours.” A moment of silence occurred until Clark exclaimed, “I’m down! Let’s get this game going!” Everyone was super excited and pumped to play, until the dreadful question came along, ”Who wants to be the hostage?” asked Don. Crickets. No one said a word. “Okay then, I guess I will be for my team” uttered Don. Janet squeals at Clark, “Come on, big shot! Be a man and sacrifice yourself!” Shaking at the thought of it, Clark agrees. As the teams begin for the adventure they’re about to embark on, Don says one final thing, “Oh yeah! As a hostage, you must follow the three simple rules. You must stay in the location that you were dropped off at. You must stay outside so that your team can easily spot you. And most importantly, no phones.” Pissed as ever, Clark yells, “What if something goes wrong? You want me to die? Nothing’s going to happen.” Don chuckles, “Why do you think we don’t let the girls be the hostages?” Clark shrugs in agreement and they both toss their phones on the basement

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