Notes On Child Profile Data

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1) Child profile data James is a nine-year old boy who is currently in year 3; he is of a Half Indigenous, half Australian background. James is one of four children; he lives with his siblings, his mother and father. James is taught within a normal classroom environment however; he receives additional support to improve his reading from a teaching assistant a few times a week. James’ strength in regards to his reading is he possesses good directional movement. However, James struggles with concentration for a prolonged period of time and recognition of common sight words. 2) Context and preparation This assessment took place at James’s mothers place of work, a nursing home in South Sydney. I arrived 15 minutes prior to James,…show more content…
His body language and facial movements reflected what James was reading in the book e.g. his eyebrows were raised and his eyes opened up more, when reading certain portions, reflecting a feeling of surprise within the plot. 4) Child interview responses. James was willing to participate in this portion of the running record. James gave honest and open responses to the following questions: Do you read at home? What do you find hard about reading? What do you read at school? Would you like to improve your reading? His responses were fairly brief. James does not read at home as, he is often playing a variety of sports after school. James said that, the hardest thing about reading is, trying to sound out and read words he isn’t familiar with. James described a particular book he read at school called Diamonds Forever; He described it as a real life recount about how people find diamonds. James is optimistic and willing to improve his reading ability. 5) Running record; questions and observations James was provided with a range of texts for this assessment. The descriptor alongside these texts described them as being for early fluent readers because; these texts have a richer vocabulary, more words within a page and formal and descriptive
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