Notes On Child Vaccinations And Gender Roles, And A Research Paper

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I have chosen three papers for my portfolio: Paper One - Language Matters: Positives and Negatives, Paper Two - PEP for Vitamins and Gender Roles, and a research paper, Paper Four - Child Vaccinations: Importance to a Healthy Society. I have written four papers in total, and I believe that these papers demonstrate the different styles of writing I have learned and illustrate the progress I have made throughout this semester. The structure of this cover letter will display how these three particular papers address the English 101 grading rubric. The first part of the rubric that I will address is Rhetorical Awareness, which is analyzing and understanding the audience, purpose, and context of a particular situation. I think all three papers display my ability to select a purpose and maintain focus on that purpose throughout the writing process. At first, Paper One’s first three drafts did not contain the appropriate format and structure needed to address my audience. Throughout the first three drafts, I tended to have difficulty condensing my thoughts into simpler sentences, so that I could reach out to a wider audience. So, I made sure to condense my sentences to respond appropriately to the needs of my audience. In contrast, I think that Paper Two is an excellent example of responding appropriately to a rhetorical situation from the very beginning. As a result, I did not need to make as many changes to my rhetorical analysis. In general, the structure and format for all

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