Notes On Communications And Networking

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University of People Department of Computer Science Assignment 4 CS 2204: COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING 1. What are the ways in which we can keep a check on the number of duplicate packets generated due to the Flooding Routing technique? Flooding Routing technique is a static algorithm method of transmitting datagrams. It is the simplest, distributed routing scheme for sending packets from a single source to many recipients. Generally, the flooding method is used in cases where it is necessary to propagate the same information to multiple destination computers. For example, when certain data stored on the central server of an organization must be updated on the regional servers located at the branch offices of the organization. Datagram is sent through all possible routes available from the router except through the route it was received. Although simple method, it results in a large number of duplicate packets being transmitted all over the network from a router. To prevent duplication, a number of methods can be implemented. • Assign a sequence number that uniquely identifies each datagram. Each time a datagram is sent, the sequence number is incremented. If an incoming datagram is numbered less than the previous datagram, it is identified as duplicate and is discarded. • Assign a hop count number for each datagram. Before transmitting the datagram from the sending computer, the exact number of hops is set to a datagram. On reaching each router, the
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