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2. (a) Master Data-Master data is the basic data that is needed and important to operations in a specific business or business unit. The kinds of information treated as master data varies from one industry to another and even from one company to another within the same industry. The Transaction data describes an which the Master Data participates in, which in this case is the purchasing of the cheese. So some examples here would be the price, the discount or coupon, and the method of payment. (b) Generally there are three types of data in ERP • Organisational data • Master data • Transactional data Master data:- any person, any place, or any object defined for any specific organization level. Stored centrally and shared among business processes and applications. Documents for master data are structured in a hierarchy that is made up of several folders. The documents are assigned to folders on the basis of their properties. Documents are always displayed on the lower level. The hierarchy tree for the documents contains folders that are only used for structuring purposes and do not contain documents. It also contains folders in which documents are displayed: • Folder for the system alias If the documents are stored on the BW server, this folder is unnecessary. • Folder for master data (folder without documents) • Folder for specific master data, such as material or cost center (folder without documents) • Folder for specific master data (folder without documents)

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